Travevel ushers in a new way for Travelers to connect

New, travel-focused ad-free social platform launches- brought to life with user-generated image and video travel content and a first of its kind interactive map.

Travevel offers a unique social platform that focuses solely on travel experiences. Travevel is an ad-free, interactive social platform filled with stunning user- generated image and video travel content, its defining feature is a first of its kind interactive map.

Travevel will use 10% of all profits to provide living essentials and affordable housing in areas of high poverty where the economy is dependent on tourism, such as Jamaica and Costa Rica.

Each user has a personal, interactive world map that displays a virtual pin on locations they have tagged in uploads. Simply click on the pushpin and all your uploaded content linked to that destination is at your fingertips. No more scrolling through thousands of photos for your pictures from your 2015 trip to London, they’re there with one click. With your images stored in Travevel’s AWS Cloud, you can free up storage on your phone knowing your memories are safely preserved and available with one click. You can keep your map completely private, share it with connections, or make it public.

“As avid travelers ourselves, we’re excited to create this new community for people to come together and swap travel stories, share images and short video clips and meet fellow travelers,” said co-founder of Travevel Leann Campas. “With our ability to travel freely hindered because of COVID-19, this new platform will help people armchair travel and plan their next bucket list adventure when things open up again.” When social networks first launched, they were a great place to connect with others who shared a love of travel. Now with all the advertisements and political noise on most social networks, it’s become hard to simply interact with fellow travelers and swap tips, tricks and images. Travevel is about to change all that. Travevel’s public map displays all content marked for public viewing. Users can zoom in on any area of the world to see content markers for that location and then click on those that interest them.

While Travevel is ad-free, it does offer a way for businesses in the travel space to join the conversation. Companies that subscribe can have a business profile listing and to share ad-free images and videos alongside user-generated content and on their own business profile page feed. Rates for business listings start at just $9.99/month, making it an ideal way for travel companies impacted financially by COVID-19 to reach a very targeted niche of prospective customers. Like other social networks, people can comment and like content and message fellow users. Travevel is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs and travel junkies, Aran and Leann Campas.